Makin’ a commotion…

So what’s this web site all about? Being something of a polymath (and a peripatetic one at that, which causes some difficulties like occasionally meandering into  street lamps or other pedestrians) I’ve had trouble nailing it down.

Some ideas I’ve toyed with…

  • The life of a New York Writer (somebody call J.D. Salinger…)
  • Writing in New York (isn’t that what # 1 is about?)
  • Writing (just re-read Strunk and White: Simplify, simplify…)
  • Strategy secrets I’ve learned (opps… confidentiality agreements in place…)
  • Politics of our times (No, I‘m not a fascist)
  • How China is going to kick our *ss in the next 10 years (maybe just a little fascist)
  • The Irish (or) Italian American Immigrant story (see, a true friend of the working man)
  • The Chelsea Arts scene (till they get run off by increasing rents)
  • Doug’s great adventures (potential feedburner links > 2)
  • Nights of dubious mention (nope, “gota keep ‘em separated…”)
  • Long form essays (everyone in blog land says nobody reads them)
  • Snarky little posts (are you sure you can be that shallow? …sure…)
  • Personal finance for real people ( ! )
  • Lifehacker wana be (or 43 folders, or Tim Ferris, or … grovel, grovel)
  • The horrors of Corporate America (bitter just a bit, humm?)
  • The technology and economics of web 2.0 (*yawn*)
  • Middle aged adolescent gaming (that’s your other site, fool)
  • What do I have to do to get myself invited to TED? (isn’t channeling Ayn Rand enough anymore?)

You can see that it’s hard. What it’s kind of boiling down to is something like “Bill Buckley meets Chelsea Girl” or “McKinsey with an attitude – and a leather jacket” or “The New Yorker without the staff, or Si’s money”

But in blog land, ya gota have a cute little blurb about your site or you’re just nobody so here’s mine… is makin’ a commotion in the new wired world, writing about business, finance, art, and about being a writer in New York City – our readers are those who didn’t forget that thinking people can read more than 55 words at one time, can still laugh at themselves and others, and are engaged in the new work of the new world.

…yeah, that’ll do for now…

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