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Bill Buckley and Gore Vidal

Bill Peshel’s site reminds us of a the 1968 mud wrestling match between Bill Buckley and Gore Vidal. Since along with Jean Shepherd, WFB is one of my earliest media influences, I throw my two cents in the ring:

“Regardless of how one feels about his politics – and the terms arrogant, elitist, monarchial, papist all fit – Buckley was a force that influenced politics for decades.”

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MoMA goes ready to wear with Pre-Fab houses

Why don’t prefabricated houses seem to work?

Architects from Wright to Gropius, and inventors such as Edison and Fuller couldn’t make them work. Even with all this visionary genius, prefabricated dwellings have been an oddity in the modern world and often historical artifacts.

This is the struggle that this Fall’s big show at the MoMA, “Home Delivery – Fabricating the Modern Dwelling” tries to overcome. While artists of all types continue to be drawn to pre-fab as a design platform, so far nothing seems to have worked.

More on the show and pre fabs as a model for urban experimentation…

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Writing tools – Journler

I use Journler, Mark Twain would have too…

Someone asked me the other day “how can you be so careful about your writing, and still make so many mistakes” and since the questioner was not an Obama supporter, I found it safe to assume she was talking about my grammar, not my content.

In a lighting quick reply I said “It’s not easy. You have to work at it”.

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“What do we need for cars here in Manhattan anyway?”

My buddy Sal has a solution to New York City’s traffic congestion problem.

“Dump them all in the riv’a!”

Watch out!

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So why not T-shirts?

I’ve been spending a remarkable amount of time messing with css code, blog catalogues, and discussion boards.

Wouldn’t t-shirts and coffee mugs be easier?

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2008 drummers beating in unison

The future wealth of a nation is built with pollution and by the looks of it, the future wealth of China will be awesome.

The scenes from today’s Olympic cycling road race in Beijing were stunning. NBC shot beautiful high definition video of the ancient city with its Asian filigree, curved cornices and dragon motifs…

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