So why not T-shirts?

I’ve been spending a remarkable amount of time messing with css code, div statements, and template design, just so you all can have a pleasant graphical experience when you read my stuff.

Luckily my love who is wicked smart in everything she does, picked up HTML a few years ago like a duck sliding into the boat pond on a rainy afternoon in Central Park. (What a woman).

So while she fixes everything on the site I break (“Sweetie? Why is all the text purple and the link list rendering in Hebrew characters? Did I do that somehow?”) I’m out trying to get someone to read all this stuff. I’ve spent almost as much time on social networking sites as I have trashing well thought out code strings, all in the name of trying to drum up readership. Digg this, blogshere that, techoratimoutahere.

It makes me long for the old days of marketing where you ran a promotion in the real world, not in a cyber room. For a product launch you had an event and threw a party and the Ad agency got a big check for the market segment you just conquered. I keep threatening to get shirts with on them. Maybe orange ones. Each time I bring it up sweetie looks up from the sudoku puzzle of code I asked her to fix, and she just looks at me sadly as If I were John McCain trying to explain why its a good thing that he doesn’t plan on Googling “Russian Strategy in Georgia” before Putkin comes to visit him in the White House.

She smiles and says “You just focus on the writing art stuff honey. I’ll fix the Apache bug”. To whit I start looking over my shoulder for braves on the warpath, but she means something deep in the bowels of our ftp’ed php files up in the web hosting cloud, not the warriors circling above us on the rim of the box canyon.

Hey, I wonder if they’d link to my site? Sup guys….

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  1. Fast_swimmer1st
    Posted August 16, 08 at 11:34 am | Permalink

    You havent posted a new article in awhile

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