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Spring Awakening Closing in January

After 859 performances and 29 previews, perhaps the best show on Broadway is expected to close after the holiday rush (lets hope there is one) Rocking with Duncan Sheik’s score and working with tough themes of adolescent awareness and self understanding, this show was a fantastic romp and a great vehicle for an electric cast. (Even if teen sex on stage made me squirm a bit.) The show even seemed to hold up after a change in cast a few months back. So far its total gross has been $52 million… Not bad for “a bitch of a living”.

Original production/cast review from New York Times

Variety: ‘Spring Awakening’ to close


It’s snowing in New York…and the weather’s bad

The weather that suspended game 5 last night in Philadelphia has moved up the coast and if you look real hard you can see some snow midst the rain (This according to WQXR). This kind of weather goes great with a monthly consumer confidence index which fell to 38 for October, down from a revised 61.4 in September. That’s the lowest since the board began tracking consumer sentiment in 1967. Do you think they know something about the results of the upcoming election that we don’t?

BBC NEWS | Business | US consumer confidence nosedives

But there must be global warming because things are heating up in Iceland. The Icelandic Crown opened for trading today after a week suspension and promptly lost 50% of its value. Chilling…

BBC NEWS | Business | Iceland’s interest rate up to 18%


This just in from 1885…

And some breaking news from 1885, French poet turned gun runner Arthur Rimbaud not only burned out his brain on “riotous living” but extended his fiction to his finances as well. As Bill Peschel writes “Graham Robb, points out that the former poet changed the amount of money he made, depending on who he was writing to. The man who complained of making a pitiful 6,000 francs from [gun running] managed to deposit 16,000 francs (about $90,000 today) in his bank after his African adventure.”Rimbaud had abandoned poetry,” Robb writes, “but not fiction.”

I bet I know who’s campaign he’d be working on. Rimbaud the Gunrunner (1885)

Like Rimbaud, we may all need some alternative income sources soon…oh wait the Dow is +200!

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