Agenda for America

Agenda for America: After Quantanamo lets make jet travel safe again.

The LA Times reported that 208 passengers have been convicted of  felony terrorist activity under the Patriot Act over the past few years, often for raising their voices to Flight Attendants.

I’m surprised the number isn’t in the thousands.

Jet travel in America has degraded from poor to horrific. Airlines routinely abuse their passengers with delays and disrespect and have created cabin configurations that require contortion to survive a cross country flight. The industry defends its actions based on profitability pressures, yet it sells seats for under a hundred dollars to some passengers while charging thousands to their most valuable frequent flyers.

But passengers, what ever you do don’t you dare raise your voice! Jet rage can get you sent up the river for a fiver on a Federal rap.

I know its hard to bash the airline industry when we are praising one of their members as an American hero, but, come on Obama. Do you want to get America back to work? Then let’s make it safe, or gasp pleasurable to fly again.

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