Chameleon In Chief

How could I have said such bad things about President Obama? How could I have said he was the leader of the grow-the-government-at-all-costs liberal wing of the Democratic Party? How could I, like Charlie Krauthammer, use the term Social Democrat, even when others were using the more pejorative, Socialist? How could I have ever suspected that by taking over the auto industry, trying to take over the banking industry, writing legislation to take over the medical industry, that Obama was really the candidate of fiscal responsibility and small government? Federalization? Heck no! We’re all Republicans here, now.

The Left must be in horror watching Obama-Reagan, just as the rest of us were when we watched Obama-Marx. Jon Stewart is just fit to be tied, brutalizing the once deified savior of activist government. The New York Times is on suicide watch. Lord knows what Jessie is thinking.

But the chameleon in chief knows what the country is saying. Having just lost Teddy Kennedy’s seat to a gulp Republican (“The dream will never die!”), by voters who said in follow-on-polls they were voting specifically against Obama and ObamaCare, the ex-liberal savior may as well have just put on a cowboy hat. He’s gone full Texan.

But as I said back in November, Obama was elected by being an empty vessel — purposefully revealing nothing, specifically stating no policies — having led an eventless professional life so there would be no record to consider during the big game of a national election. He became the place the country poured all its hopes and dreams regardless of how found-less or specious those hopes and dreams might be.

During his first year, when he came out as a radical liberal, federalizing all he could see, feeling all powerful from majorities in both houses of Congress, the American people stood back and said, “We didn’t vote for this.” So now Obama is showing his true colors, which is no color except the background of the moment. A meaner person would call this principle-less.

Many saw it coming. With his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, and its definition of the Obama Doctrine heads started spinning from Obama Dissonance. In a doctrine only an imperialist could love, Obama declared that the U.S. had the right to preemptively and unilaterally invade any country that we determined to be “evil.” Wow! There was silence in Stockholm, and that was such a short time after the bowing and scraping tour of global apology.

The same feeling is raging through the camps of the American Left today. After the State of the Union speech last night the grand federalizer is now the leader of the small government movement. Wow, wow!

The question you have to ask yourself is, do you believe him? Can you believe him? We all want(ed) to believe him in November. But really, how far can one bend their core beliefs before the rest of us say: I’m not so sure you should be in charge of the power of the federal government anymore, you know, the guys with the guns, because I have no idea what you are going to do with it. A lot of the people on the Right, the core of the tea-party movement, had enough of him over the summer. It feels like the rest of us are well on the way to getting there to.

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