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First Published Work – Curt Meets Amy At The Swan

My first published work is up on Rick Moody’s site,, the fictional hotel reviewing site supporting the release of his new literary novel, Hotels of North America (Little, Brown, November 10, 2015).

In my piece, a characters from my forthcoming book, Maximal, comes face to face with a character from his own work. Seems he was once a finance exec who went down a literary path; funny how that should be. The encounter promotes his review of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin resort, a Starwood property recently in the news because of the pending acquisition of Starwood by Marriott, and it is this review/story that Moody published this week.

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AIG Extracted From The Government, or What A Recovery Should Look Like

Bob Benmosche wins where so many have failed.

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Reminders while I’m up at Skidmore

Rick Moody: I have taught on and off for a long time (since 1991). Rarely full time. That is, I have never made my income primarily from teaching. I have always survived mainly from writing. I would like to try to continue to do the same. When I have taught a lot, I have often become a little burnt out from it. Partly because I do try to give and to be available to the students in a way that I felt I often was NOT when I was a writing student.

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Rick Moody on The Sweet Spot

Your reading along with Rick Moody’s essay on Brian Eno over at The Rumpus, and you come to this concluding paragraph… I was somewhere on the road, not so long ago, don’t remember where, and again completely beyond sleep, and sitting in a tub in a hotel I never would have been able to afford, […]

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Win/Luck Compilation of 2011

Via Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Beast (and everywhere else on the web) the awesome winners and lucksters of the year. Happy New Year every one!

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I learned a decade or so ago that no one is irreplaceable, regardless of their talents, native abilities, passions, certainly not in something as prosaic as a business organization, or as it turns out, in a political system, not even in the art world.

But this morning that day-in and day-out truth seems so hard to bear. There is such a haze of loss I’m fighting over the news of the death of Steve Jobs.

Separating yourself from the idea of ‘the irreplaceable’ is not to say…

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