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“What do we need for cars here in Manhattan anyway?”

My buddy Sal has a solution to New York City’s traffic congestion problem.

“Dump them all in the riv’a!”

Watch out!

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So why not T-shirts?

I’ve been spending a remarkable amount of time messing with css code, blog catalogues, and discussion boards.

Wouldn’t t-shirts and coffee mugs be easier?

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2008 drummers beating in unison

The future wealth of a nation is built with pollution and by the looks of it, the future wealth of China will be awesome.

The scenes from today’s Olympic cycling road race in Beijing were stunning. NBC shot beautiful high definition video of the ancient city with its Asian filigree, curved cornices and dragon motifs…

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Tourist’s guide to Manhattan Fuana

“Look Daddy, a yellow spotted Risk Manager…”

Mayor Mike is absolutely wrong about promoting tourism in New York City, one of the direct outcomes of which has been the infestation of red double decker tourist busses on all the streets of our city.

Its like being in a zoo.

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No more buildings! Not even for them!

Their relevance in decline, aging tie-dyed protesters take on the so far unseen plans for The New School’s expansion. “We will stop them at any cost, whatever it is that they might be doing!”

The irony is luscious …

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Creative destruction, I hope…

There is good news in the bad news of Wall Street’s layoffs, or so Schumpeter would say.

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