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Friends of the Bobst

Looking for a place to write I end up with the dust mites at NYU

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The conformity of non-uniformity – Our day at the Apple store

After having someone’s phone number ported to our iPhone, and spending the night getting it fixed, we think about the homogeneity of the rebellious Apple store employee

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Makin’ a commotion…

So what’s this web site all about? Here are a few ideas. (Somebody alert the New Yorker, or at least Merlin Mann…)

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A journler of mythic proportions

Buckminster Fuller had journals, so do I…

I wrote about the recent revival of interest in Buckminster Fuller stemming in large part from a major show at the Whitney, and about my own small personal discovery about Fuller’s impact on the iconography of our day.

A second, and perhaps more important reflection came as I walked the halls of the Whitney’s fourth floor exhibition space as I spent some time looking at bound volumes of Fuller’s notes.

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In the future there are no right angles!

Have you ever noticed that all representations of the future have no ninety degree angles? From EPCOT to Worlds Fair, ovals and acute angles dominate. Why is that? It’s because of Buckminster Fuller.

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Copy protection and e-books

Responding to David Pogue’s email about e-books and copy protection – I believe that books pose a greater challenge, because there is no natural venue for artist to patron interaction.

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