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Folders in the FSIM

After my last post a comment came in from Simon that deserved more than a casual reply. It’s about folding int he FSIM. I took some screen shots of my system and answered a few question.

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Lion Finder Columns and the FSIM

Perhaps this was a function before Lion, one that I missed by not being curious enough to drag windows around, resize them, see what they would do, but as you can see in the screen shot below good old OS X Lion Finder makes for an excellent File System Infobase Manager browsing tool. I’ve always […]

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I learned of MyTextFile from the TakingNote web site. The design metaphor for this web app comes from the old days when geek-like people collected and managed their writings in one large ASCI file. MyTextFile is one large ASCI file in the sky. There are advantages to the single text file structure: Full search is […]

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Making a Reading Notebook From a Private Web Site

Sometimes we just get away from ourselves. I wrote up the post below, built the web site discussed, actually got the whole thing up and functioning nicely. That was before I saw that InstaPaper already had an excellent clipping function built in, out of the box, already there and waiting for me, and that it would do the exact same thing as the system I designed.

So let the attached be a memorial to all those poorly thought out development projects, the ones best deliberated more deeply before begun, the one’s best killed when they are young, at the initiation stage, before we do the palm-to-the-forehead-slap of realization, the cruel knowledge arriving of just how much time we just wasted…

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Modifying the InfoBase for the iPad

A comment on another post asked, “how’s it going with PlanText?” And the short answer is, not so well. Not that the application is not wonderful. I find PlainText to be the best of the iPad/iPhone note taking and writing applications available. It’s better than Elements (which I find aesthetically unattractive) iAWriter (which I find […]

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My Org-Fu System

I’ve updated the notations I use for note taking during meetings and conversation. Others have named these systems Org-Fu, or Meeting Ninja systems, and they can get elaborate — I assume to overcome the static nature of physical notebooks. Mine is simple and vestigial, the remainder of my days when I used paper notebooks, a lot, and went to meetings, a lot.

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