Dougist is run on a self hosted install of WordPress and is built on the Thematic Theme Framework. Mobile page design is provided by Crowd Favorites.

The site is hosted by HostGator. Feeds are transmitted to tumblrtwitter, and facebook.

Most of the content is (now) written in Markdown, and MultiMarkdown.

Desktop Software

  • Lit/Citation Manager – Zotero (might change with the Kindles & iPad and such)
  • I occasionally use Google Docs, if everything else falls apart, or if I’m in Windows, which is kind of the same thing.

Other Tools

  • My day to day money manager PocketMoney for the iPhone and desktop

Commerce and Capitalism

  • I once ran a single AdSense ad on my home page and on article pages, graphics only, because the text one were too gross. I pulled it because of the issues everyone has with Google. I live for the day that I can run ads from The Deck, or Fusion any other non-google agency.
  • I do not run adds on Dougist notes (tumblr), and I’m not really sure why, but the reason is probably the same as the one that drove me to disconnect from Google.
  • I link to a lot of sites. None of them are pay-for click or sponsored links.