Subscriptions and Registration

There are three ways to get email alerts to Dougist. 

Subscribe to Post Comments

You may subscribe to individual post comments by checking off the box after each comment. This is a per post selection, and you have to do it for each post you wish to follow. I like doing that to see if anyone said something witty in response to my wittiness. Each email contains an unsubscribe link in case you get tired of the lack of wittiness.

Email Subscription

You can also use the form below to subscribe to the list server. This will provide you with a short email describing new postings and any interesting “subscriber only” emails.


Help With Subscriptions

In any case, unsubscribing is easy, and I never sell, rent or lend email lists – I hate spam as much as you do.

Have a problem? Drop me a note and I’ll fix it.