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Folders in the FSIM

After my last post a comment came in from Simon that deserved more than a casual reply. It’s about folding int he FSIM. I took some screen shots of my system and answered a few question.

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Lion Finder Columns and the FSIM

Perhaps this was a function before Lion, one that I missed by not being curious enough to drag windows around, resize them, see what they would do, but as you can see in the screen shot below good old OS X Lion Finder makes for an excellent File System Infobase Manager browsing tool. I’ve always […]

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Tagging in FSIM

Theres’ a nice chat going on the Scrivener boards about File System Information Managers. I wrote a long reply to a post and thought I’d share parts here. Metadata and tagging A lot of my work flow is text based (it was once rtfd, then rtf, and if you go way back, doc and whatever […]

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TaskPaper, Scrivener, and Note Taking on the iPad

TaskPaper, Scrivener, and Note Taking on the iPad

We’ve been having a great conversation over on the Literature & Latte forums about TaskPaper, Scrivener, and note taking on the iPad. I’ve clipped

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Notational Velocity – Show in Finder

Missing in Notational Velocity is an apparent command to “Show in Finder” but it’s easy to use Spotlight to do the same thing.

Here’s how I do it…(and why it matters to interface architecture)

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WriteRoom and Notational Velocity

A modification to WriteRoom’s SimpleText application has me looking at Notational Velocity again. What I find is a near perfect minimalist integration and text management system that supports long term data storage.

My description of the applications, and how I use them in my infobase system follows after the jump.

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