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Finally a Tech Savvy White House

CNN Technology gets swamped on inauguration day, and isn’t sure what to do in “The Moment” with Photosynth. Perhaps they can take few lessons from the new tech savvy White House who is showing some chops in cyber space. PWND!

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Don’t jump to conclusions…

It’s human nature; we find the quickest way to apply a map to a simple fact and extrapolate from it grand conclusions. The biologists say it’s evolutionary. It’s hard wired in us, they say, and it’s part of what makes us greater than the apes.

“We are in an ontological pickle” a friend told me recently, and she was right.

To deal with this I suggest a “Rule of Three”, but be careful that you don’t eat the pickle along the way…

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Blogruptcy – It’s the metaphor

Productivity consultant Matt Cornell starts a conversation about “Blogruptcy”. It’s really all about the metaphor we use of being on “the shiny edge of an ever expanding bubble of posts”. But that can change…

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