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The Right March on Washington

When I was young, civil disobedience was the tool of choice of the left. Now it has become the tool of the right. In August conservatives filled town halls. Today they filled the Washington Mall.

While the right is not really comfortable, yet, with the tactics of Gandhi – they stand stiffly, wear pastels and khakis, their signs have none of the humor of the old 1960’s banners, they look like they are going to overheat in the sun, and no one burns their bras or even takes off their cloths – the crowds are big and growing.

This must be bitter sweet for President Obama, our community organizer in chief…

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Populist Outrage, It’s All The Rage

Populist outrage, it’s all the rage. Everyone’s doing it. Newsweek’s cover story screamed about it. Barney (“I want a list of names!”) Frank is leading it. Anarchist children in London are sharing their view of a utopian future by breaking windows (“In the future we will let in fresh air!”).

But, what it’s all about is a communal display of “blame the other guy, because I’m not at fault.”

The lack of integrity that is washing out of America, and that has now become a global virus, is a vast disgrace. Perhaps the greatest executor of this hideousness is Paul Krugman who had the temerity to insult every American this week in the Times. The severity of Krugman’s egregiousness comes for the fact that he knows better. Or should….

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